How do students in the USA and in UK spend their free time?

03 мая 2018

How do students in the USA and in UK spend their free time?

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University students do not spend their free time wisely.Students role are known as the next generations who will lead the country later. Everything related to them are important for us to put a highlight on. One of the issues that could be a problem is university students do not use their free time wisely. In my opinion, this statement could be best described as true based on a few reasons such as no vision, lack of maturity and discipline and also entertainments influence available.One of the most definite reason is that the students himself does not used to determine their specific vision. In this situation, they do not have a clear target due to the lack of career information exposed to them. Regardless to this, they may take programs of study that does not suit them well instead of not being accepted in any opportunities of studies. Thus for most people who further in wrong major, their minds set to not to struggle for the fullest in grabbing superb future undertakings. For every precious second left, they never regret and even appreciate the moment in having quality time for studying. And yet when the results in the hand, they are trying to be in the past to fix back firstly the vision.Another reason why university students do no spend their free time wisely is they lack of maturity and discipline. Although they aware that time management are based on the level of maturity, yet they often fall under the pressure of peers. Supposedly, with their level of maturity, they should know what the best is for them. But in contrast, they used to follow the others when they really should be attending to their studies. Going to university is a major life change and many students fail to adapt to their studying environment successfully due to lack of maturity and discipline. This, in turn has negative effects in their studies.University years are the most exciting in lots of people’s lives but there are new challenges to face. Furthermore in the technological…

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