Написать письмо своему австралийскому другу по переписке. Рассказать ему о…

29 ноября 2018

Написать письмо своему австралийскому другу по переписке. Рассказать ему о книге, которую я только чтопрочла

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I would like to tell you about the latest book I`ve read. It is «The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes» by a well-known great writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These detective stories were written in 1891 and were firstly published in 1892. They tell us about adventures of a very clever, brave and inimitable detective Sherlock Holmes and his best and true friend doctor John Watson. It is very interesting that Holmes is a person, who really existed. Professor of Edinburgh University mr. Joseph Bell was his prototype. Once Conan Doyle wanted to kill his character, but his fans didn`t like this idea at all, so he wrote more stories about Sherlock Holmes. In my opinion public love these detective stories because Holmes differs from other detectives, combination of absolutely different qualities makes him very timely nowadays. I suppose that everyone should read this book, because it is very original, interesting, amusing and exciting. It is very easy to read this wonderful book too. Finally I`d like to say that I can`t imagine my life without reading.

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