Напишите письмо другу на тему «Мое свободное время»

04 августа 2018

Напишите письмо другу на тему «Мое свободное время»

категория: английский язык


Hobby — it's something that people like to do when they are not busy with their routine work and they have some free time. This is something that is done purely for pleasure . Hobbies like and tastes are very different . If you have chosen a hobby that corresponds to your character and taste , you are lucky because your life becomes more interesting. Hobbies can be divided into four groups: do something , make something , collect something and learn something.The most popular of these groups — do something . This includes a variety of activities — from gardening to travel and from chess to volleyball.One of the oldest hobbies of people*gardening . It is well known that the British are very fond of gardening and growing flowers, especially roses .A relatively new hobby is computer games .It is becoming more popular because both adults and children love to play.Making something includes drawing, painting , sculpture , fashion and craft. The two best-known amateur artist — President Eisenhower and Sir Winston Churchill . Some as a hobby write music or play a musical instrument . President Bill Clinton , for example, plays the saxophone.There is probably no man who at some time in their lives did not collect anything: stamps , coins, matchboxes , books, records, postcards , toys , watches. Some collections do not have much value . Others become so large and valuable that they are placed in museums and galleries. Many world-renowned collection started small, with one or two items. People who have a lot of money , collect paintings , rare books and other art objects . Often such private collections are transferred to the museums , libraries and public galleries , so that others may enjoy looking at them .As for me , I always loved to collect stamps . My mother started collecting stamps long before I was born.When I was twelve years old, she gave me six albums with stamps . Then I went on to collect stamps on their own. It helped me learn a lot about other countries and traditions of other peoples, flora and fauna . I used to bring albums to school and sometimes exchanged names with their classmates .About a year ago my parents bought me a tape recorder, and I decided to collect records . I love listening to music. I like rock and pop music , and classical , too . Now I collect recordings of their favorite bands and singers. I also try to learn all about their favorite singers . I read trade journals and try not to miss music programs on television, because I want to follow news of the world of music. I write letters to some fan clubs in other countries, so I had to learn English . I never miss a concert of my favorite bands when they come to our city.No matter what a person's passion , he always has the opportunity to learn through him . Reading about things that interest him , he adds that to their knowledge . To learn new things — maybe the most exciting side hobby

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