Срочно, помогите пожалуйста. Нужно сочинение на английском про Курский цирк!…

11 марта 2019

Срочно, помогите пожалуйста. Нужно сочинение на английском про Курский цирк! Пожалуйстапомогите.

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Solemn opening of circus took place in 1971. Design capacity of circus is 1200 places. The Kursk circus burned in 1990, but then sad consequences managed to be avoided. The first prevention wasn't heard, and then in 6 years — on December 14, 1996 — the building of circus burned down completely. 10 years later after a fire the question of reconstruction of Kursk circus at last moved off dead center. In it there was a merit both regional Administration, and the president of Russia acting then Vladimir Putin, and the Chairman of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia acting then Sergey Mironov and many other not indifferent people. Nearly 5 years went restoration. And here, date of solemn opening of Kursk state circus – is declared on November 11, 2011. About it in philharmonic hall the festive concert with participation of creative and dancing collectives of the city, somehow Exclusive ensemble and show the ballet "Style" took place. The festive concert took place at the full notice. Valery Rudskoy and the director of Kursk regional circus Andrey Iofin became the main guests of evening the chairman of regional committee on culture of Kursk region. It is remarkable that the Kursk circus opens again the doors after reconstruction in a year of the 40 anniversary. It should be noted that the Kursk circus became the best in Russia. From 40 operating buildings of circuses to our country the regional circus will be included into the eight given to a magnificent condition. The circus was restored completely. In it there is no screw or a board from old circus, except for a framework. However and it underwent changes. According to the director of circus Andrey Iofin, for reconstruction of the building it was spent 870 million rubles. This sum includes also construction of hotel which will be erected behind the circus building. For light and a sound it was bought the equipment on 3 million dollars. Besides the expensive and modern technical equipment a number of leaders will be involved

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